What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is the use of design to give solutions to problems at hand. It is a design approach to solve a given problem.

Name the design thinking processes?


This process involves trying to have an understanding of the problem. It involves knowing what the problem is about by putting yourself in the same condition with that thing or person in that problem.

Defining the problems

In this process, you gather the information you have gathered in the “empathy process”, and analyze the information in order to clarify the problems


This is the process where you think about ideas and possible ways to solve the given problems.


In this process, you implement those ideas you have thought of in the previous process. Implement in the sense that you put those ideas into either a physical product or virtual. The prototype can be a miniature version of the product.


This is the phase where you test the products to make sure that it solves the problem at hand. Doing this can either be by allowing prospective customers to test it out or by inviting professionals to evaluate it for you.

What does it mean for a designer to be able to fit himself into the shoes of a user?

This is mainly the first thing a designer must do before he can come up with ideas. It is called “empathy”. It means a designer must be able to relate to his prospective customers in terms of the problem they face, How often they face it, and the ways they wished they can use it to overcome the problem. Doing these can be in the form of surveys, questionnaires and even physical meeting with the people facing the problem(prospective users)

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